Web page dialling

Xchange supports two separate ways of dialling from web pages.

Web pages can be scanned for valid telephone numbers and, when found, they are turned into hyperlinks to make dialing easy. Also, Xchange can be configured to provide dialling directly from many web-based CRM packages.

For more information on supported browsers click here

Clipboard Dialing

Each time you copy a valid telephone number to the clipboard, a windows notification will appear which, when clicked, will dial the number.

Bespoke dialling

Xchange allows developers to add dialing support directly from their applications.

Instructions are provided within the software.

Alternatively, Xchange can often be configured to work with existing applications to save any development work. See "Application dialing" for more details.

Application dialling

Xchange supports several methods of dialing from applications.

Many applications can be enabled to allow dialing directly from within the application.

Focus dialling

Focus dialing will automatically detect fields that contain dial-able numbers and will present a click-to-dial option to the right of the field.

If the application field contains more than one potential telephone number, a drop-down is displayed when you hover over the click-to-dial icon, allowing you to select which number to dial.

TAPI Dialling

Once you have enabled TAPI and configured your TAPI compatible CRM application, you will be able to dial out telephone numbers directly from the CRM application.