Other Features

Preferred device

Preferred Device allows a user to monitor and control multiple devices and select which device the prefer to use making and receiving calls.


Xchange integrates with Busylight so now everyone in the office can see if a colleague is available for a conversation, busy on the phone or simply does not want to be disturbed.


  • Available (not on a call)
  • Held
  • Busy (on a call/online meeting)
  • Ringing
  • Do Not Disturb / Foward
  • Voice mail

Busylight colour

  • Green
  • Fast flash yellow (250ms)
  • Red
  • Flashing red (500ms)
  • Blue
  • Slow flash magenta (1000ms)
Click here for more information on Busylight

Microsoft Active Directory Integration

Directory integration allows Xchange users to be created directly from users already defined in Microsoft Active Directory. This feature is particularly powerful when used in conjunction with Xchange's enhanced client security enabling fast deployment of secured Xchange user accounts. The Xchange user accounts will also be auto-populated with both internal and external numbers defined in Microsoft Active Directory. This is very beneficial for clients that make use of DDI numbers such as the Xchange Mobile client.

Directory integration can also work the other way, that is, telephone numbers defined in Xchange can populate Microsoft Active Directory.

Microsoft Exchange Calendar Integration

Microsoft Exchange calendar integration allows a user's availability and absence greeting to be updated directly from the Microsoft Exchange server. Microsoft Exchange calendar integration will update a user's availability and absence greeting regardless of the status of their Xchange client.