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Voice Recording

In order to add to the features that Xchange for Samsung Integrator has as standard, enhancements can be added to Xchange for Samsung Integrator. One of these enhancements is Voice Recording Integration.

Voice Recording Integration is beneficial in two ways:

  • Call Matching
  • PCI Compliance

Call Matching

‘Call Matching’ enables a trunk side call recording to be tagged with one or more users' extension numbers who participated in the recorded call.

Without call matching technology, extension level search and playback of recording can only be performed by searching for details such as:

  • Start time
  • Caller’s telephone number
  • Dialled telephone number
  • Duration of the call
  • Channel number
  • Recorded filename

This obviously makes it very difficult to track down specific conversations.

By using Xchange for Samsung’s Call Matching functionality, an ‘extension’ field can be added to the call recorder’s records, by using the CTI output from a PBX to match calls to extensions, allowing call recordings to be searched by extension and making it far easier to track down individual conversations.

PCI Compliance

Voice recording is now an integral part of business telephony and is useful for issues such as customer disputes, staff training and enhancing customer service levels.

In the past, companies have been allowed to record the whole phone call with a customer and remain PCI compliant. Now however, in order to maintain PCI compliance many companies are required to pause recording during some sections of phone calls; e.g. when taking credit card numbers. Relying on the user to pause a recording allows human error into the equation, potentially leaving businesses no longer PCI compliant.

Xchange for Samsung Integrator (for PCI) is able to control Samsung’s voice recording software (this requires the Xchange for Samsung Integrator PCI license) allowing for suspension of recording of calls under circumstances (e.g. when an agent goes into a credit card details screen, such as an online bank browser) and restart recording once those circumstances are no longer there (e.g. once the agent leaves that screen).