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Salesforce Adapter


The Salesforce Adapter is an alternative integration to the classic Salesforce add-in also available with Xchange. Click here for the classic integration.

The adapter presents a convenient embedded call control window in the Salesforce browser window to allow tight integration between Salesforce and the users telephone handset.

Users can interact with Salesforce to initiate calls, answer calls, and to add new or "pop" existing entities such as Leads, Contacts, Cases etc. using the telephone number of the caller or called party.

Call History records are also written against the selected entities.

The adapter is available as standard with Xchange Integrator.

Key Features

  • Create a new Salesforce entity (lead/account/case/etc)
  • Pop an existing Salesforce entity
  • Click to call
  • Write a call record against a Salesforce entity
  • Answer, hold and hang-up the call without leaving Salesforce

Find Callers

When a phone call is received, the adapter will automatically search through all of the records held within Salesforce to find the number that is dialing in. Depending on what it finds, one of three things will happen:


The phone number is found once: The Phone Panel displays a 'pop' button. This button allows the user to open the record that has been found.


Multiple instances of the phone number are found: The Phone Panel displays a 'search' button. Clicking this will show the multiple instances found, allowing the user to manually select the correct instance.


The phone number is not found: The Phone Panel displays the 'New Lead' button. Clicking this button will create and open a new entity with an association to the caller's number.

Click here for more details.